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Parents: Robert CRABB and Susanna KEECH
Christened: 31 Oct 1787: Independent Church, Bridport, Dorset, England.

Wife 1: Elizabeth TREVETT
Marriage date: 25 Dec 1806, Bridport, Dorset
Witnesses: William CRABB (Snr), Richard CRABB, John CURME

Children: All born at Bridport, Dorset, England.
Name                         Born            Died           Additional Info.
Ann CRABB                   c14 Oct 1807
Susannah CRABB              c 1 Mar 1809
Mary CRABB                  c10 Sep 1810
Sarah CRABB                 c 9 Nov 1811
Elizabeth CRABB             c 1 Apr 1813                    Married Jonathan WARD on 16 Apr 1836, Bridport.
Richard CRABB               c21 Sep 1814                    For descendents of Richard contact John CRABB
Matilda CRABB                22 Dec 1815                    Married Samuel WARD on 5 Jun 1836, Bridport.
John CRABB                  c29 Oct 1817
William CRABB               c10 May 1820
Hannah CRABB                c 6 Mar 1822
Joseph CRABB                c19 May 1824
Thomas CRABB                c 3 May 1826
Hannah CRABB                c25 Aug 1828

Wife 2: Hannah WALDREN(Widow)
Marriage date: 9 Nov 1848, Bridport, Dorset.
Fathers: Robert CRABB (Spinner) and James ALDRIDGE (Shoemaker)
Witnesses: Samuel WARD and Matilda WARD.

Occupation: Spinner in 1848. Warehouseman later.

Died: 15 Aug 1868
Cause of Death: Diarrhoea.
Informant: Mary Ann Mitchell
Interred at: Unknown

Additional information: