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Born: 15 Dec 1858
Parents: William MAULE and Ann DUNHAM

Wife: Lucy Ann YOUNGER
Marriage date: 28 May 1885, Wesleyan Chapel, Alford.
Fathers: William MAULE and Robert YOUNGER (Basket Maker).
Witnesses: Eardley YOUNGER and Maria YOUNGER.

Name                         Born            Died           Additional Info.
Albert MAULE              1 May 1886      3 Oct 1969        Married Lilian Jane MILLS.
Annie MAULE              11 Nov 1887     21 Dec 1972        Unmarried. Fiancee (Jim BADENOCH 25 Dec 1893 - 10 May 1916) killed WW1.
Lucy MAULE               13 May 1899      9 Jul 1981        Married Benjamin Lionel DAVIES.
Elsie MAULE              25 Jan 1901     16 Dec 1994        Married Harold Sidney WARD.
3 Sisters     Cousin Ted     ElsieTedAnnie
   Annie          Edward CASIMIR            Elsie  Edward  Annie
Lucy  Elsie         1917/1918
Photo taken       'Cousin Ted'
 by Albert

Occupation: Printer, Stationer (Master) and Sub-Postmaster

Died: 9 Mar 1919
Cause of Death: E-mail me for this information.
Informant: Annie Maule (Daughter)
Interred at: Kingston-upon-Thames Cemetery, No C Gen 1243, Surrey, England.

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