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Born: 24 Oct 1815: St. George's in The East, Middlesex, England.
Parents: Jonathan Haydon WARD and Elizabeth WORMAN (to be confirmed, but 95% confident)

Wife: Matilda CRABB
Marriage date: 5 Jun 1836, Bridport, Dorset, England.
Witnesses: John CRABB and Sarah WARD.

Children: All born in Bridport (Bradpole), Dorset, England.
Name                         Born            Died           Additional Info.
Joseph WARD                  16 Jan 1837                    c12 Apr 1837: New Meeting Barrack Street-Independent.
Thomas Samuel WARD           13 Sep 1838    14 May 1915     Emigrated to New Zealand on ship 'Surge' in 1855.
Elizabeth WARD               18 Jul 1840    26 May 1910     Married William Thomas HOUSE & emigrated to New Zealand.
William Crabb WARD           19 Oct 1842     6 Apr 1907     Emigrated to New Zealand on ship 'Chrysolite' in 1862.
John C WARD                   5 Oct 1844
Susan Ann WARD               11 Feb 1846                    Emigrated to New Zealand with William on ship 'Chrysolite' in 1862.
                                                            Married Thomas George William PEARCE.
Samuel WARD                  24 Oct 1847    14 Feb 1924     Emigrated to New Zealand on ship 'Otaki' in 1875/6.
Richard WARD                 28 Aug 1849
Benjamin WARD                28 Apr 1851    20 Jul 1854
Ann Crabb Goodman WARD       16 Jul 1853    13 Aug 1858
Priscilla Crabb WARD         13 Jan 1855    21 Mar 1906     Married James PEARCE on 14 Jun 1882 at Parish Church, Bradpole, Bridport, Dorset, England.
Benjamin WARD                22 Dec 1856     7 Feb 1864
Edwin Cornelius WARD         20 May 1858     4 Dec 1938

Occupation: Cordwainer (Journeyman). General Labourer in 1869. By 1871 he was a Gardener and Domestic Servant.

Died: 11 Feb 1895 at County Hospital (St Peter's), Dorchester, Dorset, England.
Cause of Death: Osteo Sarcoma of Arm. Haemorrhage.
Informant: S W Wilson, Superintendent, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester, England.
Interred at: Unknown

Additional information:
Family List 2 Family List Family Bible

Original information came from the WARD Family Bible
Children of Samuel & Matilda WARD written by Samuel (I believe)
Additional entries written by my mother Elsie WARD (nee MAULE)
Note: Ellen Mary WARD (nee COCKS) married Edwin Cornelius

The Hyde

The Hyde, Bridport

From the Southern Times, February 1895
WARD.- Feb. 11, at Dorchester, Mr Samuel Ward, for many years of The Hyde, Bridport, aged 79.

Elsie WARD (nee MAULE) said that:
  (a) Edwin Cornelius never knew some of his older brothers and sisters
      as they had gone to New Zealand before he was born.
  (b) That either Elizabeth or Susan had married a Mr HOUSE and emigrated to New Zealand.
      This now appears to have been Elizabeth.

Bridport Census data: (includes Allington and Bradpole).

(1891 Census shows none of the following as being in Bridport, so died/moved by then)

             1841           1851                 1861          1871          1881
 Samuel      Age 25         Cordwainer           Cordwainer    Gardener      Gardener
 Matilda     Age 25         Twine spinner        Spinner
 Joseph      Age  4*        App. cabinet maker
 Thomas      Age  2         Age 12
 Elizabeth   Age 10m        Age 11               Tailoress     Tailoress
 William                    Age  9               Tailor
 John                       Age  7               Tailor
 Susan                      Age  5               Servant
 Samuel                     Age  3               Errand boy
 Richard                    Age  1               Scholar       Currier
 Priscilla                                       Scholar       Dressmaker    Housekeeper
 Edwin                                           Scholar       Scholar       Printer

* Note re Joseph 1841 Census: Return shows he was with Thomas and Elizabeth COOPER that evening. Not surprising as
my interpretation of Samuel's tree shows Elizabeth COOPER (nee WARD) was Samuel's sister.

I especially wish to thank Bev CRABB and Vicky BRENTON-RULE
for their research work into the New Zealand archives.