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Born: about 1790
Parents: William YOUNGER (the clock maker), or Samuel YOUNGER and ?
            See notes below re father's name.

Wife: Elizabeth WILLEY
Marriage date: 26 Jun 1812, Alford (or Farlesthorpe), Lincoln

Name                                Born            Died           Additional Info.
Willie (or Willey) YOUNGER     c 23 Dec 1815
George YOUNGER                 c  9 Feb 1817
Reuban YOUNGER                 c  8 Nov 1818                       Married Harriet Sarah MARTIN (17 Oct 1844) and moved to Skegness. 5 girls, 2 boys.
Robert YOUNGER                 b  1 Mar 1821    28 Aug 1892        Married Susanna Ann HOLMES
Samuel YOUNGER                 c 29 Sep 1823    31 May 1893
Eardley Willows YOUNGER                 1827    28 Apr 1906        Married Eliza SIMPSON on 17 May 1849 at Alford. Died at Hull. Buried at Alford.

Occupation: Plumber and Glazier.

Died: 6 Nov 1859
Cause of Death: Decay of Nature.
Informant: Eardley Willows Younger.
Interred at: Unknown

Additional information:
 According to George YOUNGER's letter of 1923 (reproduced below) to local newspaper,
 John was very old around 1853.

- - - - -



Sir, - I saw a paragraph in your issue dated 24th inst., relating to the gradual "fading away" of
the old families of Alford, specially mentioning our family name. There is certainly now living
no one who would remember "William YOUNGER, the clock maker", and very few who will recollect his
son John, who was a very old man quite 70 years ago. It was John's son Robert who controlled the
basket-making business. Now, I fancy "corn hoppers," "scuttles," "corn sieves," and a good many
other articles are not manufactured at all.

I remember well when I was a young boy seeing Robert, Samuel, Eardley, Reuben, and Willie YOUNGER,
all sons of John, walking abreast in the West End, as it was then called, and, being all big men,
about 6 feet, and broad in proportion, they certainly seemed to fill up the place a bit. They
represented various trades, plumbing, decorating, wheelwrights, builders, as well as basket making;
and farming in the Burgh district. William, son of Robert, is now in a large way of business as a
willow merchant in Toronto, Canada. The only male living descendants are those of Robert YOUNGER,
and while we are scattered in various parts of the Empire, the remains of "William the clockmaker"
repose peacefully within the walls of Alford Church, for although he was buried in the churchyard,
his grave is enclosed in the extension* which was made to accommodate the organ, and his tombstone
may still be seen lying there.

If I had remained in Alford instead of making for London in early youth, I might have been one of
the "old standards", but I should have missed many experiences.

I wonder where the clock mentioned was sold, and who bought it?
- Yours, etc.,
Holmsfield, Sea Bank Road, Wallasey, Cheshire, Feb. 27, 1923

- - - - -

* Built in 1867. I have looked for tombstone, but could not find it (LCW).

Further note:
ClockAccording to a Pedigree file on the IGI website, John's father is given as Samuel YOUNGER.
This is very possible as I have a grandfather clock inscribed 'Samuel YOUNGER, Alford'
on the clockface, and 'Saml YOUNG** Maker 1794' on the dial.
See picture to left with our cat Kira taking refuge on it.
This is a 24 hour clock, with the dial consisting of a star pattern with
names around the world engraved into each star arm, so one can see the
local time anywhere in the world. This clock has been handed down through the family.